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Welcome to Cheong Academy

David Cheong is a Real Estate and Executive Training Leader with extensive experience in industries relating to Telecommunication, Government (Defence), Real estate, Digital Media, Education and Travel sectors.

 An effective communicator who is capable of translating complex challenges into actionable solutions. Excellent ability in engaging with stakeholders across all levels to achieve business growth and organizational KPIs. 

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I love to inspire people to do what inspire them, to encourage them to follow their dreams and I am blessed to be able to make a living doing that! I am so grateful.

My friend, if you are still lost about what you should be doing next or you are trying to survive the pandemic or you are looking for a breakthrough for your traditional business, may I ask you to consider to go digital?

When I went digital back in 2010, I was so lost and I wasted tons of money and time. Needless to say, I got little success and felt so discouraged. After many experimentations, I got better and figured out what works and what don't. See below for my favorite tools, training, books and software that have helped me A LOT in my digital journey! They will HELP YOU too!

If you got any question, scroll all the way down and hit the "Talk to David" button. Talk soon :)
 software & Tools:
Website Builder
Clickfunnels is my top tool for building landing pages, websites, and more

Email Autoresponder
GetResponse is my favorite tool for email marketing because it is so simple and clean to use.
Smart Templates Make Design Easy
Create mockups, logos, videos & designs in seconds!
Digital Publishing
Create eBooks & Blog Posts from YouTube, Podcasts, Video and Audio files...in minutes.

Online Marketplace for Freelance Services
Find the perfect freelance services for your business. 

Get work done faster, with confidence
Find Your Winning Domain
Find your dream domain and join over two million happy customers when you register with Namecheap. 

Trusted with over 10 million domains. 
Design Anything
This popular graphic design platform allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. 

It is available on both web and mobile.
Online web-based PDF software
All-in-one easy-to-use online PDF tools.

Get free services to compress, convert and edit PDF documents.

Made with love for the people of the internet

These are affiliate links so we get a commission when you buy through our links. Email us your purchase receipt to claim some awesome free bonuses from us! 
 David's Digital transformation programs
Skillsfuture for Digital Workplace
 This is a national initiative that gears Singaporeans with foundational digital skills and a mindset for the digital transformation, preparing them for the future economy.

 Faced with rapid changes and constant disruptions at work and in our personal lives, it is important that we become future-ready by anticipating and embracing change positively. 

New partnerships with Avast, LinkedIn, and Shopee are added to the curriculum, with emphasis on cybersecurity, employability, and online entrepreneurship. 

This course is suitable for all levels of Singaporean (including those planning to return to the workforce), who are not familiar with the use of new technologies at work or in their personal lives. 

This is a 2-day course and a Certificate of Completion will be issued by NTUC LearningHub.
3-In-1 Digital Marketing Program
Going digital is the way to survive the Covid-19 pandemic and to turn your business around. Do you agree?

Change is painful, don’t change also painful. 
What’s your choice?

We want to keep good digital marketing courses cheap for you so that you can now learn and create new income streams for yourself digitally.

3in1digitalmarketing.com is our first endeavor towards our vision. We believe you are going to love this program and gain a lot from it.
 Free digital marketing books:
Best Online Strategy Book
Best Branding Book
Best Lead Generation Book
Best Influencer Challenge
Want a FREE Ready-To-Go Online Business With The Proven Potential to Make $5,000 per month?
Simply enter your name and email address below:
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 david's real estate RESOURCES:

Pass RES Exam Resources

The Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Examination is the entry level examination for new entrants who wish to practise as salespersons in the Singapore real estate industry. Under the new regulatory framework, one of the criteria for salespersons' registration is the requirement to pass the mandatory industry examination.

Since 2011 to now, I have taught the RES Course to 3,000+ students who want to be a realtor in Singapore. I am also a licensed and practising realtor with PropNex Realty, Singapore’s largest and listed real estate agency. My focus is on new projects.

Why I created these Pass RES Exam Resources?
Because I understand that failing the RES exam is very painful. 

To some people, it means lost opportunities leading to immeasurable loss. To most people, it's a waste of time and money. It pains me a lot to see people failing this exam again and again. To them, this exam is the biggest obstacle to overcome before they can start making income for their family. I hope to help people to pass the RES exam 1st time or at their next attempt. 

I've Used These Resources With 3,000+ Students

Pass RES Exam Survival Guide
Pass RES Exam Swipe File
Pass RES Exam Paper 1 Questions
Pass RES Exam Paper 2 Questions
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